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Encoder Cross Reference is always free at encoderconnection.com. We currently have over 10 million part numbers in our database... Emergency repairs, new and used surplus, cross reference replacements, etc... Distributors and motor shops are always invited- ask about special discounts.



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cross All of our encoders are custom made and include a 1 year warranty with free technical assistance. Call us for fast service and great prices when your item is obsolete or takes too long to get.
*Note- We are an independent company and we are not affiliated with any brands listed above or below. All trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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QDI, Hubner, Hurco, IVO Gmbh, Leine & Linde, Lenord & Bauer, Lenze, Matsuura, Mazak, Mitsubishi, Omron, Pepperyl+Fuchs.
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Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024 Encoder Cross Reference

New "Compatible" encoder cross reference for the Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024 or Siemens 1XP8001-1/2048 >> Our NEW 2 piece design makes installation a breeze! Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024 Cross Reference
In Stock and comes with a flex shaft, extension plug, and a stainless steel bracket.
Only $565.00 + 1 year warranty.
Bulk discount for motor shops >>

Latest News- Hohner CH90542/6R/4096 encoder cross reference replacements. Built to be a compatible replacement with 4096 PPR, Absolute Gray Code output, and three year warranty.
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 Encoder connection is proud to offer a premium encoder cross reference service for people who need their encoders faster!

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